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how to buy stocks

About the Company:   Akari Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. The company specializes in the treatment of the orphan autoimmune and inflammatory diseases by the means of innovative therapeutic which includes mainly complement (C5) and leukotriene (LTB4) pathways. The company was established in 2015, is headquartered in London, England. Akari Therapeutics is majorly funded by 7 investors. Venrock and Vivo Capital are the most recent investors.

Stock Analysis: NASDAQ: AKTX at has shown the peak performance in the month of June (considering the duration of the last 3 months). During the peak performance, the price was 2.610, and the volume was 1,77,847. The opening at 10:21 08/18 EDT was 1.860, and the previous close was also at the same price of 1.860. The volume was 35.86K and the Market Capital at that time was 62.26M and the low, for the time being, was 1.850. While the 52-week low was 0.8700 and the 52-week high was found to be 2.790.

The price/earnings ratio (often referred to as p/E or TTM) is –2.0899. Coming to the portion of the field by which the stocks are distributed, if we refer to the same time when the stock was opened (I.e. 10:21 08/18 EDT), it is observed that in the Biotechnology and Medical Research, the stock value decreased by a percentage of 1.21. And in the Pharmaceutics and Medical Research, the stock value decreased by a percentage of 0.75.

If we analyze the EPS (earnings per share), it is observed that in the duration of Q2 2019 to Q2 2020, the EPS value is negative (means which that the company has been in loss) from Q2, 2019 TO Q1 2020 while being minimum in the Q4, 2019. So, if we consider the opinion of some of the analysts in order to see that what should be done regarding the stocks of Akari Therapeutics, mostly all are in favor of buying the stocks. Also, this is pretty clear from the analysis of the stock price of Akari Therapeutics that since the company is running in loss, the stock price has decreased considerably. Also, in the current period, the opening is at its minimum in the duration of 3 months.

Some of the Company’s catching points: The Company is focused on the development and commercialization which includes the paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, Guillain Barre syndrome, and atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. The candidate leading product of the Company, nomacopan inhibits both terminal complement activation and leukotriene B4, or LTB4.  You can buy the stock share after knowing how to buy stocks.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.